@lizadoo @firecommguy1 @fox64057 careful we don't know if Wes is compromised or retained with citadel. his office told me they are 'investigating' AMC and GME...NOT citadel. once retained it is a conflict of interest to do anything for another party competing. i dont know yet but it looks fishy.
@K0UNTSTONKula @firecommguy1 @fox64057 So Wes was not retained with our Gofundme monies? I’m super confused. We’ve got a convicted felon show up out of no where deceiving with his name and history. Seems to get Wes on the line to represent APES, gets a contract or shows the contract w Chads name in it. Now Chad shuts it all down last night cries he’s been beat up about his past no longer taking the reins. Go fund me is closed. What is truly going on?