$SPCE great analysis.
$SPCE There is a lot of positive with Virgin Galactic. You can't lose investing in. People have to do their own research and make their own conclusion. Possible good news and activities for near future; - Power flight test - Richard Branson's flight announcement - FAA certification (It is 27/29 Verification and Validation provisos by date 05 June 2020) - New NASA agreements (I believe it is more to come) - Astronaut training facility opening - More institutional buyers (Russel Index joining, ARK investments is only the beginning) - More and more retail investors from all over the world - Morgan Stanley updates (last one doesn't include new NASA agreements) - Reveal of the interior of SpaceShipTwo - Readiness of the second Space Ship for tests. (“Weight on Wheels” has been achieved by 08 Jan 2020) - Third Space Ship “Weight on Wheels” readiness (Structural and system part fabrication over 50% complete by 08 Jan 2020)
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