$VAL it's more than that. The US and works markets will surpass the highs they once had. It a math problem. The trillions of dollars printed during these times always end up in the market because if you give most people money they will just spend it(the reason there will always be a lower class it's not capitalism's fault just dumb people) and it always finds it way to the stock market. The Dow was trading at just under 30000 prepandemic and if you take into consideration the money that has been printed the Dow should easily hit 35-40000(if TRUMP wins). Inflation will follow probably 2-5 yrs down the road. The investors will be fine and the people who don't because they waste money on dumb shit will be bitching about needing a 25$/ hr minimum wage! Invest now if you can't but don't if you are risking paying the bills.