$MRNA @Living_Legend Thank you for this. Please review my points below and let us know what you think. 1) Instead of doing a secondary they did FPO. This will benefit the company directly instead of benefiting existing private shares that are sold publicly. This does not mean they will sell. This could mean, that as they are predicting price targets of over $70-$100, then they can sell some at that time. Not now. They will not do secondary if they think they hurt the price now. specially 1 Bill in cash. This is brilliant and forward-thinking for the company. 2) This filing gives an excuse to share Coronavirus update vs just pumping a day after NIH statement. That is very small. This PR gives amazing details and in addition to Coronovirus update, They also mentioned all other updates. Which is Brilliant. I am predicting this is a very prudent thing they did. The only thing I wish they could have committed is, like Elon Musk, They commit to not selling until after $75 price.
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