$XSPA XSPA There won’t be a PR until Early August at least. Stop pumping PR —the interview with Fox is a Pr in Dougs eyes. —He gave us everything we needed to know to go forward and stay on board. —Why would he give a Pr before August 12th ER (Even if he extends ER) just so it could get dropped back to the price it was? —I think it’s safe to say $2’s are out of the picture and $3 is the new support. —When it drops to $3.00 just hold. •This is just my opinion
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@MarkFlochini meant to say trade mark, not patent. I think something as simple as "successful pilot" would be sufficient. I think it would be a strategic move by them to mitigate against selling from shelf even though it's not a bad thing, just happens when people see it. Even if they drop ewr lga jfk contracts, you don't think they will have more PR's to drop before their ER date, not to mention the possibility of extension. he said passenger testing in the next few weeks, would line up with ER date roughly. just my opinion, and that's all we got, everyone's own opinion. GL to us, we all know where we are all headed regardless of how we get there.