@The_0racle @RekusasuSPA but you are assuming that technology does not advance and we continue to use the same conventional testing that we've been using. Testing outgoing international passengers is how we side step those countries barring us, and xspa COULD be the solution. 500 tests a day is what the pilot could do with the conventional tests. they don't move to passenger testing unless they know we will have rapid testing in place, or else it wouldn't work. we can revisit this in a couple weeks and see who was right and who was wrong.
@The_0racle @RekusasuSPA well he liked my comment. So he either 1) likes my reasoning or 2) likes the idea of coming back in a couple weeks to see who was right, with him assuming he was right lol. Either way, we know what we hold here. I don't mind having intellectual debates, bullish and bearish scenarios, but the amount of clowns in this chat recently (not referring to Oracle as his point was valid) is insane. I can't expect everyone to have done as much DD as myself so if someone brings up a bearish scenario with valid logic, but I have some DD that can rebuttal the bearish scenario, then I will play ball.