$GTII has anyone read the annual report. This company is pretty sketchy. All the loans payable to the CEO and President were converted to common stock at a price of a dollar a share in December of last year. Sounds like an awesome CEO the stock was worthless effectively back then. But isn’t it suspicious that the stock skyrocketed to 4 dollars susbsequent to our CEO converting his note payable to common stock. Plus all these transaction such as the gold company done using all stock 6M shares, the gold company run by a guy who knew GTII for 10 years now. Doesn’t it kinda seem like insiders and friends of insiders benefit greatly by the stock running up. Also why would Mr reichman convert his 3M+ payable into stock at 1.00 a share when it was trading at 0.10 unless he knew something. Also for my reichmans services the board approved giving him 1000 preferred shares which entitle him to 51% voting power on most corporate matters. So us shareholders have 0 say in what happens here.