Visl We have also granted an option to the underwriters to purchase up to 2,264,145 additional shares of Common Stock and/or Warrants to purchase up to 1,698,108 shares of Common Stock on the same terms and conditions set forth above from us within 45 days after the date of this prospectus to cover over-allotments, if any. The public offering price is $0.264 per share of Common Stock and $0.001 per accompanying Warrant and $0.263 per Pre-Funded Warrant and $0.001 per accompanying Warrant. November 27 til januari 10 is 45 days So last day was friday Im expecting They are eligible for more shares Since the brought it below .263 They could increase the os with up to 22% from 17.632m ~shares to 21.6m ~ shares I was expecting the effect already But maybe not until monday then If at all. To add If im right then We can have a several days of heavy drops before return up
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