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    puppis Joined Mar 08, 2011


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      Finding stocks to swing/day-trade with scanners that produce high percentage plays. This are just my opinions do your DD. I do have a twitter @StocksThatGo
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      Just a guy
      Trade smart, no emotions! I use the self-made matlab-based tool to watch and to trade stocks. Request analysis by sending a message: Please advise "stock name".
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      Former Engineer - trading online for over 15 yrs - this is my life - short/med swings and day only no patience for long term holds!! My money has to work overtime. Scale out of profits cut losses quick quick!
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      Salman Aziz
      Founder of #thirtythirtyrule (low cap stocks that have the potential to achieve 30% gains in 30 days or less.) and #bigcapstocks (undervalued stocks trading at 10 dollars or above.)
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      Enhanced Investor
      Follow Me | 4k to 1.4M through consistent gains trading small caps with algorithms and HFT. Currently working with young talent trading together. Searching for leaders to cooperate with through hard work and dedication.
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      Independent Trader. Equity, Fx & Commodities. Specialized in SwingTrading-Intraday. Started 2007. All charts/comments strictly for information and educational purposes only. #InChartsWeTrust
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      A team of professionals, #Daytrading and #SwingTrading. It you require assistance analyzing a particular stock, send us an email and we will send our analysis back free of charge,
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      Luca Casabene
      Congrats to our team for an amazing first week! Were opening ALLSTARHQ for new members for a limited time. If you want a chance to learn and trade with the best, send an email to w/ your email and ST profile by noon tmrw!