$TLRY wow from chatter in every room from Reddit to stocktwits to others $TLRY is the main focus. Remember every meme stick had visions of hitting 1,000 or 10,000 and so far $GME GameStop hit $550 that’s the record. People between historic u.s cannabis legislation and tilray trending and it already hit $300 once before all of this??? Hit $77 not long ago? And short % growing by the second this could be the one that sets the record and hits that $1000 and is all over every news channel and creates many ape and tiltard millionaires that shares the vision bought the ask and held tight for the movement and squeeze. Today’s volume was 85 million lol u understand that means the troops are coming and the only way u miss this is ud hedge funds scare u out on fluctuations. It opens lower? Hit the ask and share the goal. It opens up? Hit the ask and share and don’t let in and $TLRY will break $GME record no $AMC move will close no $CLOV move will be close we already hit $300 once let’s smash it
@mrinvestorpro I took 1,000 shares as lotto in after hours. Not sure how much WSB can do to this $10BIL market cap with 11% short interest, but if 20-some year old men can unite about something after video games $GME, pot would make sense. 😂