$ASNA hey, any thoughts on the below comment in SA? After a peak at the Dec 9 2019 supplemental disclosure by the board, i do back of the envelope for 2020 - in sum it looks bleak: * First I assume $226m of 2020 EBITDA (that's a big if, assumes TTM EBITDA held steady). * Subtract $100m CAPX for 2020 (per guidance in the Dec 9 supplement) leaves only $126 million cash to service debt. * But Interest Expense is $104 million per year. That's much too tight * The Core Premium Segment (Ann Taylor and Loft) same sore sales down 2% YOY- weak trend * Huge operating loss expected Q2 ($40 m to $60 m) per guidance in supplement * This is all with Dressbarn treated as discontinued back in 2019. I will take a deeper dive and publish further based on more analysis/time
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