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      Oleg Bezrukov
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      Valeri Duha
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      Instinct Financial Markets Ltd
      Instinct is a private brokerage firm with clear customer centric orientation. Developed by a group of dedicated professionals, we strive towards providing unparalleled quality of service to our customers.
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      SevenSamuraiGroup SSG
      Private traders association. Trading on the futures market
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      My Trading Buddy
      My Trading Buddy is a Free Total resource Portal for All Traders. With Free Trading Education Blog, Markets Analysis Magazine and even a Free App with Exclusive Trading Tools.
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      Gone fishing. Trade at your own discretion.
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      Larry Nard
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      grace slick
      WORDS r WORTHLESS,vertical-up or vertical-down,NO1 KNOWS IT.HERE u will get the LEVEL in TIME right before IT happens. therefore BUY ABOVE or SELL BELOW the given price and stop at the GIVEN PRICE ! >LOOK AT THE AVATAR. that's what I'm looking at.<
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      Tim Sholl
      Professional trader and broker since 1983. If you would like to set up a live account to follow my signals email me at Regards Tim
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      Akil L. Stokes
      Forex Trader & Trading Coach at www.Trade
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      Pip Squeak
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      Mohamed Akhmeem
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      Mo Lak
      neither tech nor macro
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      FX Active
      innOVATIVE invESTMENT eduCATION, trades not recommendations, husband, Dad, tweets not trade advice, #forex #trader #market #profit #risk #reward #entrepreneur
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      Elliottwave Forecast Official Account
      High Probability Trades Forecasting Service Using The Elliott Wave Principle & Fibonacci Tools
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      Dan Ray
      SFOSignals is a free platform built to share trading ideas as signals for STOCKS, FOREX and OPTIONS Markets. Publish your signals and make money! Or subscribe to signals published by others. Any post is just an opinion, trade at your own risk.
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      Growth Aces is an independent macroeconomic research consultancy for traders. We offer you daily forex analysis with forex trading signals. The service covers forecasts and signals for following currencies: EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF, AUD, NZD.
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      Kanbarsky André Owczarczak, a unique 3D TA platform with straigthforward indicators (Trend, Targets, Risk ) & backtesting available. All information presented on this StockTwits feed is solely for informational/educational purposes. Try us for Free today
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      Forex news and technical analysis for EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, GBPUSD and SPX500
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      TipRanks Official Account
      TipRanks provides you with the track record and measured performance of any expert you come across online, so you can make educated decisions. It's their recommendation, but it's your money. Know who to trust.