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StockTwits Macro Weekly is edited by Gregor Macdonald and is published for free each week. Built around a core essay that captures the underlying themes of the economy and financial markets, this publication brings together the best of the StockTwits community with guest appearances by a range of sharp, macro observers. StockTwits Macro Weekly functions as a live document PDF, a clickable launch pad to a range of content both within and beyond the StockTwits community. Feel free to read it here each week or take by email.

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About Gregor Macdonald

Gregor Macdonald

Gregor Macdonald has spent this decade researching and investing in the energy sector, using a macro approach. He has written for the Financial Times of London, The Oil Drum, and had his work republished in the English edition of He has appeared on MSNBC in the United States, and on BNN in Toronto. His writings and views have been cited in the New York Times, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, ABC, WIRED, and the Oil And Gas Journal.

At, Gregor is head of Research and Responsibility. He is also the Editor of the new StockTwits Macro Weekly.

Gregor produces two newsletters: a new global macro and model portfolio service via the site you are reading right now as part of the StockTwits financial network, Gregor Weekly. And, a separate big picture take on global energy and economics available from titled Monthly.