$AAPL Apple should @ least be @ the same Share price level or higher than Google or Amazon is @. This Market Cap BS is negligible, because what really matters is ev ebitda, meaning what the company profit potential and current market cap is, relative to that...as I've mentioned before..so 1. First off, future potential Ev Ebitda is astronomical, go look it up. It's 14.2, meaning actual value based on Apples masterful strokes of performance is 14.2 times current Apple share price, which is 259.47(current, as of this post) sooo 14.2 * 259.47 (current price) equals Apples TRUE VALUE PER SHARE, based on overall earning patterns is 3,684.47 a share= ev ebitda 14.2 times 259.47 = 3,684.47 /per share. This is NOT hyperbole, this is solid Analytics, based on solid factual numbers. Thats what each share your sitting is actually worth. And thats just assuming Apples earnings will NOT increase, but remain static going forward, so technically your share price is much higher than 3,684.47 cents.
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