$BTC.X @Cryptoking33 Whats more they never banned crypto trading at all. Just from what I can tell a temporary ban on pruchases of goods and services with it, to protect their Lira. But they are realizing how crypto is actually protecting their economical system from total collapse. Since the Lira is not doing its job properly, in protecting citizens from total loss of hard earned accumulated wealth. And they know it. IE they have Saught to Create a Custodial National Bank Specifically for this asset/currency class. Crypto. Fascinating real case study of how crypto is literally saving an entire country from total collapse as per their currency. They will catch the fools that thought they could steal currency that is tracked with an immutable ledger, via wallet addresses. To date the money stolen in 2014 from MT Gox has not been realized and has been blocked by every exchange as per being able to be sold. It's a thing of beauty. You could never do this with regular Fiat.