$AAPL @Capitaino HAHAHAHA, THEY STOCK SPLIT BUDDY, WATCHU TALKING ABOUT?....LOLOLOLOLOL. Apple split seven to ONE in 2014 !!! When Apple was around 700 a share.. hahahaha.... this translates to having been at : would have been an earnings beat TODAY compared to 2014 qtrs, ANY OF THEM, of 7 to one split from 2014 and 4 to one split from 2020 =11x 1.40(Today's Beat). the 2014 BEAT, with TODAY'S numbers: would have been $15.40 EARNINGS PER SHARE BACK IN 2014 = or today without both splits. HAHAHAHAHAHA. CELEBRATE MAN, buy your shares. WE hare doing 175.00 to 250.00 Apple is THE worlds most valuable company. Buy and hold, do what Buffett does. Please see caption/SCREEN SHOT to APPRECIATE WHAT APPLE HAS DONE SINCE 2014. Look at those less than half a dollar earnings(WHICH GREAT BACK THEN), per share, qtrly in 2014. Average for 2014 as around .40 cents a share. You comparing the Apple of 2014 to the Apple of 2021, there is literally no comparison.