$FB Facts: FB: PE below 25, go check out AMZN, etc..TESLA, NVDA.. last earnings DURING A PANDEMIC ERA was 3.61 A SHARE, at 2.8 Billion Outstanding Shares. 3 Billion Daily Active Users. The price drop: This current price drop IS BELOW last years price, around the SAME TIME, WITH LESS REVENUE AND LESS ACTIVE USERS. Just on a whistle blower, ZERO do to with actual value and fundamentals. With FB addressing and halting projects to improve their algos. Imagine what price this will be at when they upgrade and update algos, like any tech does, or advancement. Cars didn't have air bags nor seat belts. But no one got rid of the car. FB is not going ANYWHERE. We are at 7.9 Billion Earth's population, 8 Billion. Facebook literally has a THIRD of the human race on their platforms, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook. You tell me an app, or physical store, or ANY platform that has THAT type of engagement on a daily basis. It doesn't exist. Facebook is literally a historical phenomena. LITERALLY.