$OPK @smithcorpb hey, not saying you posted fake news. I was just trying to validate that post. Maybe you got fake news from someone who might have said it is true. But I don’t think the news about OPK being awarded another 150M from Magnacare is true. I can prove it from the screenshot posted. The top picture is what was posted here posted and bottom is my screen capture from their PR on May 13th. The point where the screenshot ends has some text cut off. If you match it close to the PR on May 13th, it’s the same content. I marked it with a red box hand drawn. You can check for the similarities yourself. Why would anyone go beyond in pushing out fake data is beyond me. I believe in this company, but manipulating data is wrong for those to who believe in OPK. A good lesson for all to do their own DD.
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