$AMC We have saved AMC (thus far) and made multimillionaires out of AA and his board by pouring our hard-earned money into their stock and by fighting the HFs, fuckery, bears and short sellers' attacks to name a few while enduring the FUDs, the heartache and headache of the daily grind and ups and down of the stock market. Without us HFs would have bankrupted this company long ago and its shares would have been worthless. Now, that they can afford it, Adam and his board need to get spine transplants and join us in our fight. They need to hire lawyers, investigators, experts and whomever else needed. They need to sue, to file complaints with (and against) the SEC, FINRA, FBI and any entity that is responsible or might be able to help. They need to get a REAL SHARE COUNT, expose the illegal acts that are happening under their noses from ladder attacks, Dark Pool, synthetic shares and the million other things.