@Junkmailman1 @Juice8809 @TaylorTX @CQMDMPH @RaisinBrain @UsedNapkin @therizzle @Atonal @JennyBrussels jesus junk - you change your mind more than my wife - yesterday your were 50/50 conviction and hung up on the deaths and today your expecting all of wall street to upgrade them. I told you guys this was a layup approval. LOL I actually did look at the stable of analysts and they should get upgrades from Citibank and possibly Oppenheimer so I won't bet against that and of course rooting for all those still in it and better yet some hope for the patients whose next path is death. So 3 for 3 on my all in PDUFAs this year; looking for 2 more this month then I may take a break.