$HGEN Immunologists in the UK were studying GM-CSF pathway before scientists in the US were. Could American exceptionalism be keeping them from praising the discoveries of other nations? (no offense to Americans, y'all are lovely and i appreciate you) I can't think of any other reason why the NIH hasn't been more open about discussing the role of GM-CSF in COVID pneumonia / cytokine storm, aside from some wild political conspiracy that makes me look like I'm pushing Iver***tin. Dr. Francis Collins, respectfully, you've written articles for the NIH blog that dance around GM-CSF, not mentioning it a single time. You've had weeks to go over this data. You undoubtedly have seen Dr. Ryan Thwaites' paper on GM-CSF playing a key role in COVID pneumonia. Why bring up a drug like Tempol (as promising as it is), while ignoring Lenz? Many scientists and doctors who *should know better* have been standing idly by while STAT and Derek Lowe (NPR article) take shots at Lenz in public. Your Loss.