$BRQS IMO, this momentum may continue next week since we are waiting for big news with Brqs. Lot of peoples are not fully aware about Brqs potential on different markets (5G industrial park in China / EV with kadi stake /carbon management system with Skycentrics / Next GEN TV smartphone India /more than 15M purchase oders mobile point of sale etc.) and LMFA will convert the purchased debt into common shares of the Company etc....Some peoples could sell their position for 2 or 2.5 here but it's a non sense if we consider that the last 6 months of 2020, we had very promising news. I sold too many times too soon...not going to happen this time :) at 5-7 dollars could be ok. last year Brqs went twice from 1 to 7-8 dollars. do you want to sell for small profits?
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@intartag 7-8? or maybe it's worth the wait for $ 10-15. The company is good for the long term. The institutions have already spotted it - seeing more potential in $BRQS than in $LMFA.
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