$MNKD So I find is mildly amusing the $LQDA pumper @Gregonius has ceased his pumping now that it looks more and more likely that Liquidia will be tied up in court for at least another year for patent infringement against $UTHR Let’s review the case again, shall we? But first, let’s recount that Gregonius made the false claim the first time around that TreT would be contraindicated in patients with chronic lung disease—this is simply an outlandish lie considering United Therapeutics will be using TreT for both COPD-PH and ILD-PH which also will grant us an additional 3 years of exclusivity.
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What I see here is a crappy inhaler, too many inhalations per capsule, too many capsules per inhalation for doses 100mcg-150mcg, capsule pieces being inhaled accidentally, and a major burden for people with PAH. What MannKind has going for them is a superior inhalation device capable of delivering the medication in a single inhalation with a single cartridge for the highest dose, superior systemic exposure, superior stability, superior AE report (zero painful respirations) & a superior experience for the person with PAH.
MannKind’s inhalation devices utilize the concept of flow resistance. MannKind delivers their dry powders slower than anyone else in the world. This enables the dry powder to properly navigate the anatomical airways down to the deep lung with minimal deposition on the back of the throat. The powder fully traverses from the cartridge to the deep lung in the first 500 milliseconds of inhalation and only requires about 350-500mL of air. The inhalation device and powder creates synergy. This explains some of why they are so effective and successful together. ~70% of the inhalation powder is delivered to the lungs. MannKind's inhalation devices are a marvel of engineering.