$MNKD Morning Scott Lassman and the Handoff Crew 💪☕️🥋 🥭 Tyvaso DPI FDA approval OCTOBER this year 🥭 >100 new MannKind jobs being added to Danbury, CT facility 🥭 Afrezza Peds Phase 3 this year 🥭 Clofazimine Phase 1 this year 🥭 Royalties from Thyquidity Co-Promote w/ Vertice Pharma starts NOW 🥭 MannKind and Thirona Bio Join Forces to Develop Inhaled Therapy for Fibrotic Lung Diseases 🥭 BluHale Pro Launch this year 🥭 Afrezza European Union filing this year—NO additional clinical trials required! 🥭 Afrezza filing in Canada 🥭 Afrezza Australia approval this year 🥭 $100M+ in annual royalties from partner $UTHR for Tyvaso DPI 🥭 >$300M in cash—enough to get us to cash flow break even! 🥭 Cannabis partner Receptor Life Sciences Phase 1 incoming 🥭 Afrezza India Clinical Trial this year 🥭 New Afrezza scientific publications 🥭 Renegotiated w/ Amphastar insulin supply to lower cost of goods 🥭 New Medicare coverage for Afrezza Users obtaining CGMs