$ROKU In spite and despite what the world tells you.. There comes a time when you just know the stock. I have full faith in three things. 1) This fall is temporary and we have all been here where $20-30 or even 50 drops and bounces are common to this SWING TRADING STOCK. 2) The world of STREAMING is just only catching on. Wait till the entire world catches on. 3) This giant declares up and down beats, some loss for DATAXU buy is common place. They are doing everything we would expect a slowly and steadily growing company should do. They are all set in almost all households. Once the people realize that APPLE and DISNEY streams are requiring ROKU, this will take off. Plus XMAS is coming..and before that is BLACK FRIDAY. Imagine the sales. Roku Inc. (ROKU) PT Raised to $150 at Susquehanna Despite Market Concerns Over Guidance Raise
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