$NYMX @perfectvision "Dude" MOVE ON...at this point your just here to see yourself talk. No one cares, your not changing anyone's opinion, give it up. Your so concerned about being right and for someone to take your serious that you render yourself irrelevant. And don't try to hide your monday morning quarterbacking as a public service announcement . BS! Most here are longtime longs and occasional traders who jump in and out trying to make a quick buck. so you continue to spew your "info" to the same group over and over and over and no one is paying attention to you. I am confident others as myself are well aware of the risk here and have decided to ride it out. I would say we all can afford to lose whatever we have in this if it should go that direction. I would say you should head back over to the SPHS board but they have already run u off. time to go find a new board unfamiliar with you, for the time being, and "educate" them here we will do just fine without you. Adios'
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