$AABB@MrDayTraitor I would like to start out by saying you have alot of followers and over time I have noticed a pattern in your journey as a trader. I'm not here to bash you but allow you to reflect as a person on emotions. You have called amazing calls and anyone that says otherwise has not followed you for long, with that being said you do your dd but are very instinctive and that appears to be your gift. You are literally your worst enemy in any trade you take regardless of the amount of time you spend doing your due diligence, if seen it personally in alot of your trades. Some I had followed you, others I did my own dd just to see you in the same trade as me. You sell yourself very short everytime, I would advise you not to do that again by doubting yourself. I know that most people don't realize your age on this board, Keep those emotions intact. I read your responses and I wouldnt expect IR to have all of your answers you most likely know more about the share structure than ir