$TLRY ceo pumped over 20$ to reddit users and then tell about the dilution news. it is organised scam. plus many people bought high with the expectation of federal legalisation. more dilution coming on the way. ceo complains about pandemic and sales in his speech. the whole chart of cannabis industry sucks from the begining. pop big only 2 times in 2 years just for few hours. and then steady dump to 150x below. always barcode patterns in the charts. it is so obvious they are all manupilated by the same smart money computer bots and they always use the good news to trap more retail money. the only way is people to sell back to those smart money bots. if poeple will keep buying or average down it will sink much more for sure. they do not have mercy. 300 $ to 2$ now 67$ to ??. you guess how low it can go.