$RKT Here we go to earnings week my bullish fellas. Let me tell you my ideas; - EPS and revenue will be beat for sure looking at the latest mortgage data and RKT’s retention rate. I expect 1.15$ EPS and around 4.50 billion revenue. - January and February refinance and mortgage data also looks brilliant. So it will be perfect to hear some good words about 2021 at least for Q1 - I am not expecting any dividend yet since it is early in my opinion. One thing I am dreaming is one time special dividen for 1$ a / share will have very good effect on stock price. It only costs around 110 million dollar so they could do this if they are smart! - I dont think they did any buyback yet. Since there is big partnership not revelaed yet, they may not be allowed to do buyback before it according SEC regulations. I may be wrong but they ‘ll do the buyback sooner or later since there is written promise to shareholders so dont worry about it.