$TRXC I am a bit disappointed how today worked out. We get a surprise PR dropped on us that IMO is very material. We are up about 18-20% in late PM and then proceed to giveback all of it. If this was touted by the folks with payer followers it would be up at least double than this morning s pps. Not criticizing them just pointing I have seen bigger runs on less material information. It is frustrating. I highly doubt this was shorts who brought it down. Probably folks trying to exit who have been underwater. I didn’t want this to be a LT hold. I just wanted a semi short p swing if I could get it but I am realizing that a bunch of patience will be needed. I don’t see any catalysts in near future. ER might not make much of a difference. This is an inexpensive stock relative to where it has traded and I think a bullish chart for near term. It is a good semi young company that will need time. If I am missing something , I would appreciate your insight. GLTA. M🐆