$SRNE am I the only person that wonders why this company had a 24 price target on it pre covid then after becoming the undisputed leader in the covid market with 7 separate drugs plus testing kits in what is UNDOUBTEDLY a huge market and yet the pt is still $24 uhmm, yeah...if the cancer drug, which I am very glad they have I mean its touted as a miracle drug caused the sp target from the sp at the time in the 2-3 dollar range to the mid 20's then its only common sense that the new pt for the sp should be a hundred plus ...anyone smarter than me(which is probably most of you)willing to take the time to do the equation sp at time of 24 pt and what pt could be after covi-series...idk way over my head but just doubling it makes it $48 and although I would gladly take it, I can't help but think its low!
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