$SIRI Siri sitting on a goldmine! It is happening soon... It is a perfect time for Google or Apple to take over SiriusXM and leverage SiriusXM's existing relationships with the auto OEMs and take automobile technology and entertainment to the next level. Live media through an entertainment platform will always be the primary source of entertainment in a car and NOBODY has properly capitalized on this opportunity yet. SiriusXM cannot do it on their own and Google or Apple can do it almost overnight. The one that doesn't take this opportunity, along with Microsoft and Amazon will realize their miss right after it happens! "Whichever big tech company realizes this first, will become the defacto source for on-demand and live audio streaming on mobile and in the home. When will these companies realize the value of SiriusXM and make a move to acquire them? Owning SiriusXM will catapult any one of these big tech companies right into the driver's seat! (no pun intended)"
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