$AIMT i would like to offer my 2 cents as an aimt investor, I am a long and not day trader not do I deal in options, fda approval is already 75% priced In my opinion on successful adcom, so We have a potential 25% bump coming on approval, I would anticipate a sell off to 29 until Earnings report, and from what I am hearing the rollout will be slow so if its not a number indicative of exponential growth, we can see the share price drop to 26, maybe 25, it’ll crawl back to 30 b4 next earnings report and that’s when we will see numbers indicative of progress, that will shoot us into the 40s and beyond, NOTE: I am extremely pessimistic so I am therefore being extra conservative with my guesses,this is a worst case scenario for me, and I am not including the chances (of which are high) of a buyout. any Input is greatly welcomed and I am long aimt 1100 shares since december 18, and will hold until i see aimt hit it’s true potential.
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