$SHIP Last minute pre market #SHIP thoughts: The earnings report come out Thursday afternoon. The expected revenue according to google is 21.94 million and a -.31 eps diluted. Not impressive. However looking at their last four quarters something is way off. Each quarter their has been a 3 plus million dollars increase in revenue. March 19 16.01 million June. 18.76 million Sept. 23.96 million Dec. 27.77 million So you can see that on a normal quarter you’d expect the revenue to be above 30 million. Add in a pandemic that requires top dollars for bulk shipping and you’re looking at 32-40 million in revenue. I’m thinking the revenue estimate will be crushed by 50-70% and the eps will be the same. I’m not saying this is a ten dollar stock but with the current pump environment we are in that revenue smashing may take this to past a dollar.
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