$NIO So I’m gonna share my embarrassing story. I held bags at $5.05 since middle of January. Average down to 4.78 during that time. I was planning on going ultra long and got scared. It hit 4.20 A couple different times and I Lost confidence and sold for a small loss at 4.30 4400 shares. The very next day literally it went up and never stopped. Now I have bought back in with 1100 shares and just want you to learn a lesson from me if you are in this. I lost 100% profit almost, and this is just the beginning of a steep slope uphill Green mountain of money. Don’t be like me and lose confidence in an amazing company. Learn from my mistakes of which I am sick about every day LOL🤦‍♀️👊🏻 I could be sitting on 4400 shares and now I have 1100. If you can’t learn from other peoples mistakes you’re going to continue to lose
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