$SHIP I've been glued to this stock ever since I hit 800% profit two days ago. I am earning my way up to big dog status so mind you my position isn't huge. In my short time trading even I can see that this was heavily forced down after touching .36 and the floor has been firmly established at .25. Not to mention ship priced their estimated their earnings @ .27 a share. As long as this closes above .25 there is little to no reason to worry imo because earnings doesn't have to be great due to the Baltic market doing so well. Any investor with foresight would be looking to make massive flips into the Q2/3 earnings because the demand is clearly there and we are exiting the second fiscal quarter. Not to mention the have until October 1st to regain sp above a $1 to meet compliance. A R/S would take care of that but it would drive away a lot of investor's. Also I do not see the need when you can gain compliance by trusting the demand.
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