$XSPA As a shareholder of this stock you need to understand a few things: 1.) When we were in the .70s-.80s it sat there for a little while. It’s ok. 2.) This stock needs REAL PR meaning, Other Airports or Gov’t Contract to drive the SP to double digits. 3.) Keep in mind even if we touch the $10.00 mark that’s only $3.33 pre reverse split. (I believe our high pre RS was $3.06 ish) 4.) The Institutional Offering a week or so ago was for $40 mil...at the price of $5.25 a share. Why would they pay that price for that many shares and not believe this would go way higher and get their ROI back. 5.) Unless you have $25k or more and can constantly swing trade this stock this is a hold and wait. You’ll need a shit ton of patience. Lastly, there are ALOT of fake Bulls, but there are a good number of people that are truly BULLS and have been in for a really long time holding. Block all the nonsense and stick the positive and OG traders. Patience will pay off.
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