$WKHS a little food for thought: Nikola’s IPO debuts May 4th, jumps from $30-70 for accepting pre-orders for its badger pickup (protype not being unveiled until December 2020) WKHS owning 10% stake in Lordstown, sees debut of Endurance Pickup truck (not a prototype) on 6/25 with Vice President of USA present, calling Lordstown Motors embodiment of “the great American comeback”. - Steve Burns confirmed ~14,000 preorders of Endurance truck -he confirmed more hirings to take place as production ramps All of this happening while increased rumors of USPS’ decision to award up to $6 billion in contracts for next-gen vehicles (which WKHS has been a favorite, see previous work w/ DHL below) Current NKLA stock price: $66.29 (all on acceptances for RESERVATIONS for pre-orders) Current WKHS price: $15.55 This spike has been amazing, dont get me wrong, but WKHS is severely undervalued right now and should 100% be worth more than NKLA given the above alone. DHL: prnewswire.com/news-release...
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