$VXRT seems more like it should be more of an Armistice hit piece. Everything was known by any actual investor by June of what was going on. This story just grabs more traction because of Vaxarts growth. Armistice invests in early biotech and provides early governance to them for large gains if they pick up traction; it's obvious they don't serve much purpose at a later stage. Two concerning facts the article leaves out SO conviently: 1 - CEOs options aren't even purchased, excercised and until they are sold he's gained no profit 2 - RA Capital, this is the biggest one; they partnered up with the company taking a 9.99% stake (at close to a 1B market cap) and I'm sure soon we will see a board seat, these guys are strategic partners and very successful at what they do (if you haven't done DD on them i don't know why you're invested here)
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