$GNUS BTW for lionmaster and all those complaining that the Android app wasn't polished and that there was no iOS app and saying Andy sucks cause it was a bad launch. Have you guys ever tried Android on the original phones back in 2008-2009? That shit was crappy as hell, slow AF, no features, no flashlight built-in, no screenshot ability, shit camera, and so on. Give time you filthy day flippers. All you mofos want to invest in the next cancer cure and make millions on one run,. If you want the millions fast go invest in the next big boner pill. This is a kids Kartoon Channel app. It needs time to develop, create, expand, grow, get noticed, and become a name for itself. Which includes revenue in merchandising when all the damn kids want to dress up as their favorite character. So all you bears talking crap all day or you whiners that invested in a company that you put all your money in that's no one's fault but yours. Either wait (invest) or sell and STFU.
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