$NAK Seems to me we were on our way to $3.00 when the stock was Shanghaied for whatever reason,conspiracy theory? or legitimate pullback necessary for consolidation and a stronger move higher? $3.50 doesn't seem like a reach as Cantor is implying with their current target price. Wish I had dry powder I'd be adding but all in as it is. Secondly,I wish I had seen the crash coming,thought about being prudent and selling half (just in case) but I was greedy and sat tight,oops,it didn't fit my expectations ;Turns out many were wrong on "buy the rumor sell the news" logic. Could be a pyschological trap;When the ROD comes and is positive and I believe MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE FEIS(meaning "It's on like Donkey Kong") ... peeps will sell their shares thinking the same scenario is going to take place and the Wallstreet Whores will win again(currently hitting stops) and steal peoples shares,subsequently running the stock higher,unlike the current pullback. Game ,set match!!! GREED IS GOOD!
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