$XRP.X Ive been eyeing xrp since the last run in 2018. I noticed there was more recently a fear of it tanking or mad sell off, and seeing rumors of all that was going on were exceptional. I then started to dug more and realized after connecting a few dots. This was because they were shaking the tree ( a very common wall-street bankers use). "to count or keep tabs" on who has the strongest hands. Then Magically a week or 3 pass and boom! It pops. ( as warren buffet said, "Buy when everyone's afraid, and sell when everyone is greedy." Hence the fear mongers out there trying to steal me coins. So i bought a hefty but modest bag at .178-.184-.192-.197.20 well you get the drift i keep buying more because I know the run is about to happen any day. FED will print more money. Stockmaket was red last week indicted big people were getting out.Mind you after Judy and fed approval. then the sell offs on Friday after the delay of senate? Now this increases... I smell insider judy goldstMen.Augst
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