$WKHS , Imagine you are driving down the street on a sweltering Summer day with your windows rolled down and you come to a stoplight. In front of you is a new NGEN Vehicle manufactured by Workhorse. You remember back when you sold your stock for $15.14 per share. Suddenly, a drone lifts off from the top of the vehicle with a package tucked neatly beneath it. It's on its way to deliver it to a nearby customer. The light turns green and everyone moves forward but the NGEN vehicle pulls to the side to make even more deliveries. As you pass by you notice that all the windows are rolled up, our carrier is enjoying his new air conditioning feature & smiling happily! You can't help but remember the day that the first NGEN Vehicle rolled off the production line. The stock price that day was $ _ _ _. _ _ . You can't imagine what it is now. Then you wonder, "What would my life be like now if I hadn't of sold all those shares?" Guess you'll never know ....... but we will. πŸ˜‰
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