$ABUS This is the exact type of stock to make both Bulls and Bears stupid. Bears need to admit that the technology is real, the patent is a key part in MRNA's vaccine plans (otherwise they wouldn't have tried to get it thrown out). But Bulls need to recognize that MRNA is in no position to acquire anything and the attempt to get the patent thrown out is simply the attempt to get a discount no vaccine costs. Plan didn't work, so they'll simply pay the licensing fee. Life goes on. At the end of the day, I'm a Bull and if you're a smart Bull, you would have recognized that the ceiling on this thing was $9 as I mentioned NUMEROUS times on Thursday and you would have taken profit at the top. If you're a Bear, you should have known the momentum was going to hype it above a fair price point (Fair PT would be approx. 5.3 - a level of support on the chart that it has broken) and then shorted it at 8.
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