$SPY This. As far as the market is concerned, not only has real unemployment only risen 1-2% since crisis began, but MILLIONS got 100-200% wage increases. 3200+800-1600ish unemployment =4-5k month income vs normal 1600-2k normal retail, service and lower tier job wages. This is more money a month than theyve ever had and all they had to do is sit on their ass and play call of duty. (Smart ones used this time to start a business) With the $600 extra unemployment, noone other than those fired unrelated to virus or those that quit have been unemployed since China Virus Began. Removing the 600 forces laid off workers that refuse to work if 1 stupid case to go back to work. Unemployment has been 7-8% Tops this whole time. Economically speaking, it's only went up 1-2% since this all began. 3200+normal unemployment = Massive increase in wages for many ppl. This is a factor that old heads havnt understood from the beginning. There has yet to be a real unemployment crisis.
$SPY I don't see how the market rallies on the new stimlus to small .....It should actually drop quite significantly ... The market was planning on the $600 bump till January
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