$EROS Other than 4 serious people here there are way too many mental midgits posting nonsense, Goldbrock being one of them. Nothing personal, they just don’t have the financial and investment background necessary to analyse these types of transactions. This is a Private Equity transaction. In this light, the Private Equity behemoths who invested in Eros STX such as TPG, Liberty and Hony already have an exit plan with a price target and probably lined up a potential suitor. That’s how most PE deals work. It will most probably be Reliance JIO. They will build value in sequential steps. It’s all about tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India for big tech which Eros has access to via Mzazoo as well. Sit tight and enjoy the ride. Citi has done a remarkable job at telegraphing to savy experienced investors the potential. The big guys are running the show and you are incredibly lucky to have acquired shares this low.
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