$BTC.X Like i was telling @FlowTraderTM - went to the beach and a party last night with a bottle of Stöli celebrating the $ETH.X pump. Woke up with a dry mouth and a Bitcoin pump to 10k. BTC Greyscale German Stock Exchange Korean Stock Exchange Paypal Wealthsimple US banks Federal Court Ruling BTC is 'money' ETH Microsoft Amazon Santander JP Morgan CitiBank Australian Financial Reserve Nike Reddit Defi $XRP.X opening up protocols on Ethereum LINK Oracle China BSN Deutche Telecom Korean Banks VeChain Motherfucking WAL MART And finally - Joe Biden - a presidential candidate - putting bitcoin in his tweet. I believe we are in the INSTITUTIONAL PHASE I'm not much for calling specific price points, so i'm not going to - but you can bet your (severely deflating) dollar on it - that BTC is going much higher. Selloff And then the run we have all been looking for. Trade Smart. Position Size to your own ability. Don't coin jump. Always do your DD. Good Luck. J.
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