My plays for next week - I am currently double dipping on $NOVN and bought back in @ .73 last friday. Will swing into Tuesday’s event. Last week I bought into $SINT @ $2.04. Will continue to reload if she falls below 2.10(doubt it). The loading zone for starting a swing position is below $2.20. Started a position on the $SPAQ dip friday @ $12.50, will swing like VTIQ/NKLA into merger. LOTS of potential here folks. Education play $LRN is on watch for a call position. Looking @ 9/18 $65 call option @ $2(will try and get $1.75). Remember my $ATNM call @ .20 a few months ago? I rebought in a position Friday @ .53(chart is primed- they have cash for 28 months)
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