Guess who's back in action on the stocktweets @Hedge_House_Trading! I'm telling you right now if your not following this guy your doing yourself a disservice because no one on here is on this guys level, no one. His work ethic is up there among the best(look at all of his extremely detailed posts today) to perfect his unique craft is truly unmatched and his results speak for them selves! Go look! He is a real trader unlike most big names on this platform and every pt he makes is for a VERY good reason and he rarely misses. You will see going forward. Wake up! My heart goes out to this man day in and day out and because he has changed the game for my trading in so many ways most importantly patience and trading off the actions of the smart money. He has changed my life completely believe it or not. See you at the top buddy! 🤝 $ATOS $IBIO $AYTU $DLPN $CANF
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