$INO Dr. Nichols Carroll, Clinical Scientist at Inovio, has indicated verbatim that Inovio is in Phase 3. (Attached is his LinkedIn page) Please put the pieces together. Dr. Carroll indicated Inovio is in Phase 3 through a response to a friend/associate. That friend/associate took a screen shot of his conversation. The question the friend/associate had was about the hit piece Cramer put out on Friday. His response was Cramer doesn?t know everything and that Inovio is about to get started. The ONLY way their Phase 3 could get started is if the FDA is approving them for Phase 2/3. The ONLY way for them to get started on Phase 3 is for funding. The minimum funding it would take to get stated is $200 million. We are going much higher!! Dr. Carroll did not intend in anyway for his private message to be posted on the internet. But it HAS!
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